How are you?

This has turned into a Request/ Design Trades. 🤣

I will take 3 people to do a Design Trade with!

1. •이 쁜 이• - Shines
2. Grapes - Shines
3. »Kawaii Meløn-» - Shines

I can draw it...

In the Darkies style.

In The Shines style.

In The Chibi style.

(P.S- The line art above is one of the choices! Don’t have a name though, and it will be more colorful. I promise you, I’m still figuring out how it’s going to look like.)

If you would like it in a specific style... I can do these.
It will take couple days.

Tell me what you want me to design.
(Ex. Hair colour, Eye colour, is it a furrie? Human? Skin colour etc.)

I will tell you what I would like.

Everyone is happy. 🤣

Anyways, have a good day, and I’ll see you soon!

P.S- The line art above is WIP!

P.S. #2- I’m not doing big, many at a time requests anymore... Whoever requested, will get theirs done within 2 weeks.
Im too busy doing other big projects. I can do some once in a while, but solo. It’s written in my bio.

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