The odriph ! For anyone interested, these are an open species : D this is my first time doing a species sheet, so I hope it’s alright ^^”

More Info -


• you are allowed to make adopt ! (You don’t have to ask )

• you can have as many as you want

• F2U base -

• An odriph has 2 hearts, one for pumping blood and one that pumps the energy to the odriph eye- the energy allowing the odriph to manipulate and control their gemstone.

• odriph have a connection to a gemstone, and they can manipulate it to use as a weapon or as a shelter. The stronger the gemstone, the stronger the odriph. An odripheral eyes, fluids, and tongue are the same color as their gemstone. Their gemstone grows on their body in clumps, and more clumps can appear when an odriph manipulates a lot of their gemstone all at once.

• odriph are very decorative creatures, loving bright colors, piercing, tattoos, and even carving patterns and shapes into their horns.

• while odriph do have the bits of both female and male, they do not have genders assigned to them at birth, and instead let the odriph choose their pronouns. (Pronouns can change later in life) Odripheral are very kind and open, since to them a gender is just the pronoun you prefer.

• odriph are very tall, short being 6 foot and tall being 6”9.

• hybrids are allowed! In fact, the rules on this species are pretty slack on purpose. Think of them as a wolf character - the wolf is the species, but people often add wings, long teeth, neon colors, extra limbs, etc. you can do whatever you want with them !

• the only thing you are not allowed to give your odriph without permission are the ultra rare ears- please get permission from me before adding them !

• if an odriph has a dark gem/stone (obsidian for example) then their pupil color can be replaced with white or a very light color

Examples -

Open adopts -

Peridot DTA -

Obsidian OTA -

Thank you so much for the hearts Fireflight
And jordanii !! :0

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