mmmm....a Baldis Basics oc because I cannnn...Name Ideas pleeeaasee??
*-* HALP

Name is zana. Thanks to *•» S 🅰️ L T Y«•* for va suggestion!!

"I just want to be Baldi's fav..and I wanna learn maths, too!!"

In game description: Zana is willing to do anything to impress Baldi. She even wears clothes similar to his, in the form of a bright green sweater, light blue tracksuit pants and brown boots. Is she just the teacher's pet everyone thinks she is or is there a reason she behaves this way?

My description: Zana is the teacher's pet of Baldi's maths class. She even mimcs his outfit for the most part! Maths is her favourite subject, and she'll do anything to please Baldi, including playing with Suzy (Playtime ) at breaks. She even has her own copy of Baldi's ruler! She's a bit shy, but usually outgoing, quirky and very geeky. She is hot-headed, and flies into a temper if someone makes even the smalleat mathematical mistake. What we don't know is Baldi is her father and her mother died when she was just a baby. Baldi is her only role model to live up to, sadly, so she goes with action and word. She loves Baldi a lot and is a loving daughter. She has changed her hairstyle several times to make it similar to her father's.

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