... Does that make any CENTS?
Pennywise, PENNYwise.
The material is quite light, so it can FLOAT
Thank you for the TOKENS of appreciation!
... I had to.
Haha! Here is my coin design.

I thought about this when the compo first came out.
But for real... If someone made a design like this in real life, I would pay!
Somebody get working on designing an IT Movie coin!

Used the icon of Pennywise I drew.

Fan art.
Character by Stephen King.

Thank you so much for the
Fire Dove

This placed 18th in the ‘Coin Design’ compo! I couldn’t be more flattered!! Thank you so much!!💜

Congratulations to all the people who placed in the top 25! All of the coins looked amazing!

More by Nikaneeks 🎈

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16,881 glops

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