Distributed by the Vault of Ryleh.

This coin is bestowed upon an individual by The Creeping Death, Nyarlethotep. It allows the barer to freely transition between the Waking world and the Dreamlands.

The barer gains free passage amongst all the lands shadowed by Cthulhu. If the barer relinquishes the coin while in the Dreamlands his/her body will deteriorate in the Waking world and their soul will remain in the Dreamlands for eternity.

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Hawaiian Misty (Pam , P&AToo™


** editors note ** Looking at this over and over I wish that the back of the coin (right side) had embossed similar to the front side of the coin and that I’d added a little more details to the back as well. In any case it’s a solid effort. Now if I can just remember where I left mine I could go back and straighten some stuff out.

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