When I was about ten years old, we lived on a small farm where we grew our vegetables and where we had animals like a horse, pigs, rabbits, ducks, chickens and dogs and cats.

My brother had allergies and the family doctor suggested he drink goat milk instead of cow milk. So in the spring, we got a baby goat which I named Nancy. It was cold in April in Colorado so we brought Nancy in the house in a huge box to protect her from the outside cold. This was not unusual because us kids were always bringing animals in to play with and love.

Nancy slept in the box by my bed for about a week and then she started getting out to explore. One morning my mom went into the living room and Nancy was standing on top of the piano. That was the day Nancy went to the barn to live with the other animals.

I’d like to mention, you may think we had a dirty house but actually my mom kept our old farm house extremely clean and neat. We were poor but clean.

These are wonderful memories of my sweet mom and a great childhood.

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