Haikei imawashiki,Kako ni tsugu Zetsuen no shi
(Dear My Loathsome Past,to You I Offer This this poem Of farewell)

Saitei na hibi no saiaku an yume no,zangai o sutete wa yukezu kook de ikitaeyou to
(I have to cast away the remains of these days that can’t get any worse,These most terrible dreams,even if it kills me.)

Kousei hana wa saki Kimi ni tsutau hensen no shi
(In the next life, a flower will bloom to tell you a poem of transition.)

Kunou ni mamirete nagekikanashimi soredemo todaenu uta ni hi wa sasazu tomo....
(A song filled with suffering of which to grieve and moan, but never to die out.. even if it is starved of sunlight.)

~Tokyo Ghoul Va eD~


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