Was gonna be for yesterday's daily challenge, because this was all from memory. Then dad came home and he took me out to dinner instead. I went to bed straight after, so I had to finish this this morning, and God, did this take way longer than I expected. I guess I worked a little harder on it than usual. I find these multiple-sketch sketches take way longer than my usual stuff. Can't really reckon why.
Anyway, it's supposed to be a few of my favorite people. John Lennon, Pete Townshend, the Ultimate Warrior is there, as you can see (and fun fact about the Warrior, I carry an action figure of him with me everywhere. True fact!), there's Jarvis Cocker, Paul Weller, a very small Keith Moon, I was gonna put George Harrison but for some reason I drew Ringo instead, and lastly, Phil Daniels as Jimmy Cooper in "Quadrophenia". Pretty nice, huh? I wanted to restrict myself to only real people but I kinda had to throw Jimmy in. I had to.

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