Swoop raced away from the group, no! Not again... He thought. His eyes went dark and he snarled. Swoop ran farther away. I can't hurt anyone this time! He found a cave in the mountains and flew in quickly. He suddenly felt very different. Like something had possessed him.

The next morning his eyes were still dark. He growled deep in his throat. He could here paw steps and suddenly the shape of Amity appeared. Swoops voice was low and dark, "Go away" Amity stayed where she was, "Swoop, we could help you" The dark started to fade from his eyes and he whispered " somethings wrong with me. It's like.. Like I get possessed..." Swoop shuddered. "We can help you, Swoop" Swoops eyes widened " I could hurt you!" Amity was not giving up. "I don't care. We will help you" Swoop sighed. "Thank you, Amity"

Amity belongs to Lionfang!

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The Islands of Lykos

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