Well, after much deliberation, my new axe finally has a name...it's not what you'll expect, but I think it suits him. I played around with what I was given by friends and family...Bon and Willow suggested Felix, you may be surprised to know my little brother's best friend (who's on vacation with us) also liked Felix...I wasn't sure that fit. Felt too cute. It's a great name but I wasn't sure it would work for him. So I asked around again. His mother said Henry and that certainly wouldn't work. I threw in Kramer, Seymour, Duncan...too guitar-trivia-oriented. Later on came Brian, that wouldn't work at all...Daryl, simply for the joke factor of my other Strat being named John...I ended up using a name generator. I set it to British boy names, because I needed the guy to sound like a British hard rocker...I stumbled upon Ivor, and Rory. In honor of the Irish Wizard himself, Rory Gallagher, I went with the latter, and I will save Ivor for a future bass (because...you know, Ivor the Engine Driver, from "A Quick One While He's Away", John Entwistle...you get it.)

So, his name is Rory. The new guitar is named Rory. And his human form is waaaaaayyyy too hot. He's super hot. I am ashamed of myself. Lol. I'm not wrong though, am I? He is hot!! As hot as those Seymour Duncans he came stock with.

Here is what Rory REALLY looks like: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/6641484856819712

Edit: I'm just realizing the sweatbands I drew on him (and John, for that matter) should have had a texture thrown on. I made the velvet band on his forearm look like velvet, how silly was I to not throw a fuzzy texture on the tri-color armband? Lol, hindsight is always 20/20.

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