When I was little, I always had a memory of going to Crosby Dairy and getting a Blue Moon Ice Cream cone! But whenever I asked my parents about it…no one else remembered it. One day, years later as an adult, I was talking with my grandmother and told her about the memory, and that no one else remembered it. She sat there quietly for a few minutes, then she started giggling. I asked her, what’s so funny? She looked at me and said,” no one else remembers that because no one else was with us!!” We both had a good laugh, and although she passed on quite awhile ago, I still think of that and how fun it was!

It was a little hard to recall everything, but I did the best I could from memory!!! I tried to capture my grandmothers style and life like it was back then!!!

PS I used a huge canvas(so only 3 layers)...see full screen to catch all the details 😊

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