Ok I had no ideas for Kai and Kae so instead I did Flour and Batsy since I had a pretty cool idea for them

Here’s what their talking about

Batsy- What even *IS* IKEA?
Flour- It’s apparently this big furniture store in this other dimension on a planet called earth, our creator is from there!
Batsy- Ew, Earth sounds disgusting. This is why I hate humans. Why would put creator live somewhere like that?
Flour- I dunno, but people have made drawings of her other creations
Batsy- Have they done me?
Flour- out of the three of us, they’ve only done Tia
Batsy- Why the **** would they draw someone like Tia >:/ I’m a better monster
Flour- *Le gasp!* Maybe they could draw me and you together hugging, Draven!!!!
Batsy- forget this conversation ever happend (//-//)

Batsy is best Tsundere 2k18 👌
Don’t worry Flour is too air-headed to be hurt by him

Dats it um bye

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