⚡️Thank you Brian for the feature and the honor of drawing this with you. Thank You from Brian and I Me for all the hearts and nice comments.⚡️
The Group Leaders First Drawing for the Partner Drawing Group, this is a pass it back and forth co-op with the Amazing Brian. Our styles are very different but in the end we found that it all came together. I started the drawing with the floating islands and we passed it back and forth 7 times. I bet you can guess who did what. Thank you Brian for the honor of doing this co-op.

We have a new group, if you are I interested in doing partnership drawings, check it out!

Grab a Partner Challenge. One of you will start the sketch and pass it to your Partner. Send it back and forth until you both call it ‘Done’, Brian and I passed this about 7 times. It requires you each to Pass it back and forth at least 4 times.


We will have a two week sign up for those who want to find a random partner, or ask someone you would like to Partner with.

Add your name here, Challenge post here.

Phase one: Grab a Partner from May 24 to June 07
Phase two: Time to Draw

Prizes will be random Stars and Features, depending on Participation Level.

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