Name: Keahi

Gender: Male

Personality: Keahi can be easily angered and has a fiery personality. This can be bad at times but, that makes him very passionate about the things he loves. He can seem a little rough when you first get to know him but, he’s really nice once you get to know him

Backstory: He’s a fire wolf, he grew up in the tight knit pack of his family. He worked hard to raise in the ranks but then left after he realized how he hated the strict structure of the pack. He now roams the mountains. Although he won’t mention it he really just wants a friend.

Sketches He’s featured in:

Here I’m only going to list friends and enemies because I have no idea how many people they’ve meet

Amity- friend
Skyler- friend
Ceres- friend
Cliste- friend

So, yeah -25 coins, my total is 205 coins

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The Islands of Lykos

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