TimeWanderingWeirdo Gave me her a few months ago just so you know UwU


Name: Smile
Age: 20
Species: flo0f demon
Height: 5'8"
Gender: female
Birthday: June 4th
S/O: homosexual
Likes: cats, fruit, old music, movies, girls, fluffy animals, cute things, pink and black
Dislikes: "scary" things, milk, death, guns, sports, losing stuff
Crush: no one
Status: single
Fears: falling, death, guns, needles, Spiders, Heights, Snakes, Bees, bugs, Rejection, Being in charge of something important, Going first, Calling someone by the wrong name, 2% milk, Not being good enough, Getting hurt, Asking for help, Missing out, Skydiving, the ocean, Paul McCartney, Climbing trees, Passing out, Doctor appointments, Getting lost, Disappointing someone

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