Oof i need to stop drawing May. I drew her earlier as well but Shes such a bad person hh—— But yeah this is her and my character Maxwell at prOm. (They went as friends tho hahahaha) May in this is near the end of her freshman year (before she met randal or dimitri) and Max is near the end of his junior year 😩👌🏻 I honestly feel a bit bad for max cause the only reason May went with him was because he said it didnt have to be a date kind of thing, and because there was food. Sooo. At least later on he got to be assigned lights godfather. Being put into the friendzone somewhat paid off 🙏🏻

(I changed a lot of stuff in my world a while ago btw haha)
(Oof also, may is lights mom if ya didnt know)

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