⭐️ An extra special Thank You to KayK for this extra special day feature. Today is my Four Year Anniversary here! I have grown in my Art, that’s for sure, but to me the best part of SC is the wonderful friends I meet here, you have a Special place in my heart ❤️ ⭐️

There is a place that's pure and true,
A secret sanctum just for you.
Beyond the normal thoughts you'll find
a sanctuary, lost in time.
It's made from love, it carries dreams,
you'll find that none is as it seems
here in this place where you can be
fearless, flawless, and truly free.
A place for dreamers to believe,
A place you'll never want to leave.
Now let your soul fly up high
to reach your castle in the sky.

P.S. This is my second attempt at this sketch, I deleted the first. Many apologies to those who hearted it and Kelly who featured it. I am happy with it now and will not delete it!
I spent 17 hours on the first sketch and because I knew what I wanted to do this time, and correct some “very sloppy things”, it went much faster. I will make the swirled tile pattern brush, Key and flower texture available in the community.
Pastes are in WIP

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