-Co-op from: SkySkipper
-Original: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/5508789254750208
-What I imagine would happen:
Chipper was randomly ambling through the forest, looking for victims to offer potats. He paused when he heard a rustling above him. He peered into the leaves of the tree.
“Hey.” A white griffin with nice blue accents in his feathers nodded to him. “The name’s Talon.”
“Would you like a potat?” Chipper plopped down, holding out the potat for the other griffin to behold.
“Um-” Talon shifted, showering leaves from the branch.
Chipper’s ear twitched, detecting a faint rustling behind him. A familiar scent wafted up to his nose. “Wait-” He glanced behind him, and a familiar wave of fear crashed over him.
There she was.
His enemy.
He urged himself not to run away screeching as the rabbit hopped closer.

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The Islands of Lykos

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