My Centridon OC :3
Yes, it is a bit late and so will Key’s, but we have been working on other Centridon items and irl events

Name: Artemis
Parents: TBW
Siblings: Apollo
Species: Alicear (piebald friesian x black swan)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unsure
Powers: Helps control and manage rebirth and reconstruction (based on Yin)
Job: Medic/Alchemist
Personality: Feminine, slightly introverted and is usually quiet, however, she can easily be coaxed out into a conversation with people she’s acquaintanced with, she’s kind to everyone (whether it be fake or not)
Bio: TBW
- Has a pet tiger
- Is tolerant of all animals, but has very little for bugs
- When she’s bored, she’ll form water structures
- Despite being upper middle class/high class, she has frugal tendencies and dislikes wasting things
- If you let her, she would hoard
- Likes walking better than flying

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