Forgot to get rid of the white bar on the last one. Next I plan to get a really awesome pic of my little tripod kitten and draw her,we'll see if she will cooperate . I love drawing flowers, so that was my favorite part of doing this. For some reason drawing flowers is just relaxing to me. Anywho I'm happy with the way this turned out. Getting the small details in is difficult...I'm totally getting an iPad next! Ref from the paper wall wallpaper site replicated. No source cited on site. So not my original idea.

Thank you sooooo much for the <3s
Andyyy. GothDaddy. Mark.
Bettina Royale. Bron. Wendy.
Joanna. Kattamah. Snappy.
Electric Lizzie. Noel. inkyMel.
MadatArms. Pedro eL Desconocido.
Kingmaker. Buttercup. PK.
Alysatha. SilverGarnet. Fae By McKay.
SimplySerg. Emebie . 🌀🔴Schwabby™ .
M's Butterflies. Angelique. Marfa.
Kat. Lola.
...means a lot

Thank you so much for the feature Bron! Makes me smile :D

Thank you so much to everyone who nominated this piece! There's so many amazing artists on SC, so being nominated is an amazing feeling! Also thank you to whomever nominated me for best new artist...I nearly fell over when I saw that :D

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