Anna wasn’t always so colorful and bright. When she was young she was the ugly one. But, one day, she was stopped by an Elder of the Snails, who told her ……”you are the chosen one”. She had no idea what that meant. Then the Elder touched her on the head, and told her to be kind to all and it would come back to her.

A few days later, she passed a sick snail on the path to her village. She stopped and helped the sick snail……and that day her shell began to change. The next day an old snail was lost in the woods. When she came upon him, he cried out “I don’t know how to get home, can you help me?” He heart felt for him, and although she was in a hurry she took the time to get him home.

Once again, she awoke the next day to see her colors were changing even more. She no longer looked like the ugly snail she once was……

Eventually, her kindness was rumored across the land…and everyone knew who she was.

The Elder Snail once again spoke to her, and told her she was the chosen one. This time the Elder called all the Elders together and told them…Anna is the chosen one…she has blossomed with the colors from her kindness as foretold in the past……She is “The Queen of the Snails”.

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