Partners Group Challenge

Oh! What fun!

Mus drew the Coffee jar and background color.

I then sketched the coffee cup, Mus then created the T.Shirt and included the coffee cup.

I replaced the coffee cup, and added another upside down, and placed his coffee jar on the T.Shirt with spilling beans and different background.

Mus added the bottom crumpled T.Shirt.

We then discussed different backgrounds, and Mus created that beautiful face, and some alternatives.

We agreed on the face, I then played with filters, burn and opacity. We both agreed it was complete.

Thank you Mus, for your collaborative and creative input, it was awesome creating
with you.

Mus and I thank you, your precious ❤️'s and comments are such a delightful gift 😘


Shirlart ☕️

Marilee Johnson☕️



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