So I apparently want to do a danganronpa 30 day drawing challenge and I found a picture of one of google (with all the prompts) (idk which one it was but it was one lol) and this is the first day yee.
I’m not going to post them day after day because I could be busy or unmotivated to draw anything but I also have been working on a 30 day homestuck challenge (and by that i mean i haven’t even started it yet but im working on it (i like to write everything down first so i know what i’m doing hehe))
Anyways I went kinda overboard on filters xD they are so fun to mess around with and play with on your drawings. If you haven’t used any, then I recommend using some filters owo

Day 1: Favorite character

Thanks for the hearts!: roseapplecandy , Comet noodle , мєℓøиє

Time: 3hrs, 5mins
Danganronpa by Spike Chunsoft

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