Anyone can do it
Bubbles is teaching you how to fight!
“Thunder keeps on pestering me to torture you all,” Bubbles mutters.
“” You say, uninterested because you think you can escape.
Bubbles glances at you as she grabbed a sword. She dropped the sword near her paws and replied, “I’m going to teach you to fight.” She says.
“But—“ you try to make an excuse, but gets interrupted.
“Just the basic stuff. Now, let me test you first,” Bubbles growls, frustrated that you keep on trying to interrupt and leave. “Let me see how good you are with a sword.”
You decide to escape, but thinks that you are a coward if you did. “Fine, But—“
Bubbles snorted. “I won’t hurt you...maybe a couple of bruises if you make some bad mistakes, but that’s all.”
“Wait—“ you screech. With your claws/mouth, you pick up your sword quickly.
“Fight!” Bubbles snarles, grabbing her sword and putting it in her mouth.

Your oc doesn’t have to be scared, I just did this. They can be like “I FIGht YOu” or “nuuuu”, “DIe BUBBLes”,, etc, etc

Idk how Bubbles fights with a sword in her mouth, but she is a soldier...
Gimme link when you are done

People that I KNOW they are doing it:
(If you are not on here, pls comment down below and give me your link to your Sketch)
Hollyclaw (finished)
Duckpotato (finished)
The drawing dragon (finished)
lenejpm (finished)
🌟TapiOfArt🌟 (finished)
💫Tawny💫 (DOIng it)
SkySkipper (Finished)
Nullified Infinity (finished)

PEOPLE WHO DID IT: (Hollyclaw) (Duckpotato) (The drawing dragon) (🌟TapiOfArt🌟) (lenejpm) (SkySkipper) (Nullified Infinity)
*if I have enough hearts I will give all co ops them*

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