I’d like to make this a compo invite:

Each artist will create an original character and a short story -to create a storybook style page……(remember the text is a part of your artwork and will need to be large enough to read…on full view……)

Original art
Original characters(no fan art)
No photo references used(please start your imagination stations!!)
No image loads
Do not copy a story from another author……
2-6 paragraphs
Top 25 Winners will receive Feature Stars⭐️
All entrants will receive SC ❤️
A Special winner will receive 25 heart gift pack from me!!!
One Patron Gift to a special entry!!! (Gifted from me!)

There is an option that 2 artists can work together to create a finished piece...
Ex: one might draw the art and one might write the story!!!!

Make sure you transfer the file in the app so as to avoid all image loads!!!

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Challenge: A light in the dark

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