💧 “You ok there champ?” Talon asked Grim sincerely. Grim was struggling to stay upright in the river. His paws kept slipping on the wet rocks that made up the river bed. “Um...yeah I’m ok. I’m not a great swimmer,” Grim mumbled as he tried to balance on a foot hold. Talon swam closer to try to help when Grim slipped and fell onto the white griffin, making them both plunge under the water. As they emerged together the others, Jericho, Breeze, and Skyler who were also in the river, giggled at the sight. Grim was flustered from falling and having Talon help him. He always felt so strange around Talon...but in a good way.

The group emerged from the river where they had washed off the ash from the recent fire. Grim settled into the sun and Talon came next to him. “This looks like a perfect spot. Can I join you?” he asked Grim. Grim stuttered a yes and felt the warm sun on him as Talon laid down in the grass.

This was a thing from a recent RP in the Lykos group.

Talon belongs to SkySkipper

and I hate drawing water...hate it.

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