NOW the dancing sunbeams play
On the green and glassy sea;
Come, and I will lead the way,
Where the pearly treasures be.
Come with me, and we will go
Where the rocks of coral grow;
Follow, follow, follow me.
Come, behold what treasures lie
Deep below the rolling waves,
Riches hid from human eye
Dimly shine in ocean's caves;
Stormy winds are far away,
Ebbing tides brook no delay;
Follow, follow, follow me.
By Anne Hunter

💫💫⚡️ Thank you so much dear P&AToo™ for honoring me with a feature. I am so pleased you li,e it enough to feature 😘⚡️💫💫
For the Underwater Mermaid Challenge

Ref used for upper body pose and shape of the fish. I made the mermaid scale brush freehand (two versions) the final one I used here will be uploaded to the community. The background I used was Bubbles on 15% opacity and overlay and added to it with sponge brush.

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