This is a sketch of a photo of me at 3 years old, we were part of the boat people leaving Vietnam back in 1979. My mother was Chinese and to escape my father being separated from my mother and my brother due to fighting with China, our family decided to leave and travel the open seas, risking pirates and starvation to get a better life. The picture was taken when me were in Hong Kong and waiting to be taken to the UK. My family had decided not to go to the US as we did not want to be separated. Going to the US would mean sending the kids first and we wanted to go as a whole together. So we ended up in Glasgow Scotland. Snippets of memories flash in my mind but being so young a lot couldn’t be remembered. But I do get stories from my parents of the journey to where we are today.
Kinda gives away how old I am too lol

Thank you for all the kind hearts and comments!
And also thanks to BrianD for giving me a feature! I am absolutely honoured.

Yep now a father of one and one on the way, it’s a journey that has a happy ending.

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