Just playing with the Procedural tools for 20 minutes.

Wow, three features in under 24 hours and it's not even my birthday. Thank you, ❉Šhëłłÿ❉

For those interested, I used the following Procedural tools:

- "Dripper" and "Web" for the buildings.
- "Stipply" for the sky and water.
- "Rake" for the horizontal lines in the water.
- "Scaffold" for the lights near the bottom of the buildings.

Also check out the "Creation" playback for a nice nuclear blast... That's me making a white circle on a solid black layer, Gaussian blurring it, setting the layer to "Dodge" blend mode, then transforming it to brighten the bottom of the buildings and their reflection in the water.

wind dancer
Melissa Carden
Gaile Hughes🇦🇺
Kelly M

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Challenge: City Skyline

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