This is the 2nd of 2 entries by Ruscifi and I for the Grab A Partner Challenge! As Chuck stated, neither one of us discussed which direction we wanted to go with for the sketches. We passed it back and forth adding to it and developing it as it went. This challenge was so rediculously enjoyable, and incredibly appealing to me. I love the concept of sending a sketch back and forth, trusting the other to add something of theirs to it, be it their unique style, creativity or imagination! Our sketch started as a female form and ended as Clear Water Cavern, the journey of a fairy and her best friends, in the form of a snail and 2 adorable cherubs, to a beautiful cave.

Ruscifi thankyou so much for creating this sketch with me. You are so talented and creative, I am so honoured to have partnered you in this challenge.

Our creation process are in the wips

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