My hometown is a former fortified city, a socalled walled town and is Holland's most besieged city. Centuries ago you could only enter the city through one of the city gates. When I was young I lived right next to one, which was great fun. We played inside it, with the iron fences, it even had hidden underground passages. I remember one day my brothers and I climbed on the roof and we found an entrance into the old attic, where we found all kinds of stuff from bygone days.

On my sketch you see the old citygate from 1688. In those days there was a moat with a wooden drawbridge in front of it, but they're sadly missing now. On the right you see me with my brothers on the roof.

This sketch was rather difficult, because I don't draw buildings that much. I hope you like it anyway 😜

Thank you so much for the hearts 💖
Ruscifi ❤️👍
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For the Memories of Childhood compo 👍

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