Okay so today I got these cool character design ideas and a cool story idea to go along with it. I'd love to make refs and maybe even write at least a wee bit of the story but I've got too much other stuff I've gotta do ;( But I can quickly describe the plot I thought up. And feel free to ask me anything about the characters I've thought up so far, I probably have an answer for it (unless it's a name for all the unnamed chars)

Basically, I wanna title it smth like "Halloween Everyday" bc it'd obviously have a lotta spooky stuff goin on. Maybe it'd be a horror comedy?
It'd be about the unnamed monster goat girl finding Kokichi, a zombie kitty, one night. She decides to let him stay with her and he sleeps in her backyard. Eventually he starts coming with her to school and pretends to be a foreign exchange student (he's the same age as her, kinda? I mean he's a zombie so idk?)
They meet rich tiger man when Kokichi needs money for something (don't know what yet) and goat protag suggests they go get the money from him, since he's rich and all. Rich tiger man wants to know what they need the money for, and when they explain, he tags along with them oooon whatever it is they're doing. He ends up becoming kind of like a father figure to the two, except he's irresponsible and makes bad choices. Bad rich tiger dad, bad!
Other characters later come in, too. Like the mischevious unnamed (possibly a witch) girl. Or the vampire boy who looks edgy but is a freakin' dork. New bad guys later come in, too. The story's basically about goat protag, Kokichi, and rich tiger dad stopping either criminals or monsters, and there's also some sp00py stuff happening.

So yeah. Idk I just wanted to talk about this story since I'll probably mostly be working on owed art and other stuff and thus won't be able to make proper refs for these characters. Again, feel free to ask literally anything about them, I'd love to answer :D

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