In a world of Roses. she chose to be a Dandelion.
SB McClure

I love to see the Dandelions bloom, they are a cheerful little flower, they love to spread their joy around them for the next season.
Since the Dandelion can thrive in difficult conditions, the flower symbolizes the ability to rise above life’s challenges.

⭐️⭐️ Thank you so much for the feature BrianD , I am very Hononred⚡️⚡️

⚡️Thank you everyone for your comments and hearts, I appreciate all of them. I am trying to catch up here at SC, slowly to get to your galleries!⚡️

This is the background that I did for the Zero Ref Epic Challenge. Carrie’s addition to my drawing inspired me to do this.
This is all mine not a co op.

I used Zero Ref.,which for me is relaxing. Mostly Pen and Undo! Lol.....

I am now leading thie Zero Ref. Group, come join us.

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