🔥 “Mutt!”

Grimcrest cringed at the insult that was aimed at him.

He was a mutt. Being a mixed griffin was shameful around here. Grim was confused and constantly bullied since he was a hatchling. His mother treated him as kindly as she could, which was only somewhat better than his stepfather. Grim’s real father had been killed by a angry group of griffins that hated the griffins that were friendly to wolves. In Grim’s home territory, that was a dangerous thing to be known for. The griffin’s territory had been plundered by wolves for ages. The hostility between the groups was infamous.

Now Grim was older and his stepfather was gone, his mother was frail. Grim stayed with his dying mother until his siblings forced him out of the house while she was saying her last words. His two siblings hated Grimcrest more than anyone it seemed.

Grim tried to get back in the house to see his mother but his younger brother began to attack him. Grim didn’t want to fight back so he ran and hid in the nearby hills until later in the night. He came back to the house to find his mother had passed and his siblings were even more hostile.

On the day of the passing ceremony for his mother, Grim came. He stayed behind everyone else to avoid the glares and insults. Afterwards, he went back to the house to collect his own things. He decided it was time to leave his home and all the griffins that hated him. He was packing his few belongings when a band of griffins came into his mother’s home, led by his younger brother, Marrow.

“Now that mother is gone, no one is here to stop me from doing what should have been done to you when you were still in that egg of yours!” Marrow grinned.

Grimcrest knew this day was coming. The past of his father would catch up to him. Grim tried to avoid the three griffin’s attacks as he ran around the house. As he did he knocked over the cauldron that held his family’s firestone. As the griffins tangled, the firestone had caught fire to the wooden walls of the house. The opposing griffins hoped to trap Grim inside the burning house so they stalled for as long as they could.

Grim knew what they were trying to do. He outsmarted them and got to the door, but not before the second floor of the house collapsed. He heard his brother’s cries from the house as he ran out. They had gotten trapped in the inferno. Grimcrest turned to look at the burning structure but his legs carried him the other way, out of his village.

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