Lyrics -
Honey I’m sold
Making you my only reason
To feel living or breathing
In a world that’s falling apart
And I know Suffice in to sav and bleeding
And how could this I’ve been leading
Should’ve been yours from the start

I know you
You feel the road you follow
And I spoke
Words I should’ve swallowed
So come home
And we can try again tomorrow
And I’ll turn my temper down
Start finding a common ground
If you just turn the car around

Honey I’m so
Sick of you begging and pleading
The minute you know that I’m leaving
The damage is already done
I suppose
I finally come to my senses
Pack up my walls and my fences
And it’s good to be back on the run
It’s so
Cute you said you’re sorry
It’s so
Sad you tried to call me
I’m done
And nothing’s gonna change my mind
I’m turning my phone off now
And playing my music loud
Not turning this car around [x2]
Already feeling better out here on my own
See you in an hour when you’re feeling alone
Don’t know where I’m going but I’m not coming home

And I know I know
Feel the road you follow feel the road you follow
It’s cold.. it’s cold
The words I should’ve swallowed
Some words you should’ve swallowed
Come home
Oh no
Nothing’s gonna change my mind
I’m turnign my phone off now
I’m turning my temper down
I’m playing my music loud
Finding a common ground
Not turning this car around [x4]

Thorntail and tullipbloom
I heard this song and thought of thorntail and tullipbloom

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