I will unlisted this so don't worry, I just needed to say this:

Remember to treat others with love and kindness, even when they’re hating and yapping like dogs over stupid things that shouldn’t even be considered a problem.

A reminder to those people who think or say “burn in hell you gays” or any stupid negative comments like that, stop it right now. Question: Why do you care for that other person’s life and why do you care SPECIFICALLY their sexuality? How about you mind your damn business, you’re not apart of that person’s life, you have no right to control someone’s life and have no right to butt in with your ideas of what their life should be like. Mind your own business you nosey rat.
You get all whiny and butt hurt over someone’s sexuality, and thinks it’s the worse thing in existence, yet you don’t mind or don’t care when someone is doing awful horrible things to everyone and causing misery all around? In a nutshell: stop being big babies over someone being gay.
That goes for some people who bashes people who are straight, like really? Really? You’re just acting the same way that the homophobic people act towards us. How about you calm down and don’t get your panties in a twist.

Please show love and respect for one and another, it wouldn’t hurt to be nice.
Edit: I didn’t expect this pic to be feature ;;w;; tytytyty so much ;w;

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