Im so proud of this!!! Please leave a like.....! (^.^) Its finally the Fifa Soccer World Cup 2018 in Russia!! Being raised as brazilian- The world cup is a time of joy, competition, celebration, and peace! Its the only time in 4years where the whole world stops to celebrate something they all share in common- FOOTBALL!!

To celebrate the world cup, i drew my favorite AoT characters and their nationalities- to match their retrospective Jerseys! Took me forever to study all that... but it was worth it!

Few refs used for jerseys
Eren- Germany
Mikasa- Japan
Armin- England
Annie- Russia
Jean- Franc

Thank you Reggie and Phoenix for the heart!

#aot #worldcup #worldcup2018 #worldcuprussia #erenjager #arminarlelt #mikasackerman #annieleonhart #jeankirstein #celebrate

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