Are you bored? Do you need to wake up early but can’t do it? Did you stop enjoying the crazy life of a single grown up? KD361-Lb is for you!! He’ll wake you up at 5:55 am. No matter what time you went to sleep the night before!! He’ll fill your days with joy, laughter and lots of chores to keep you busy! No need for kids or a puppy! He’ll be as demanding as you always wanted! He’ll be better than 4 kids!!

———— BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED. It may or may not make a mess in the following rooms: kitchen, backyard, bathroom, random bedrooms and garage. Sync available with IOS 24.6 and higher. CHARGER INCLUDED FOR JUST $ 99.99 ————

Thank you so much!
P&AToo™ ♥️
LindaAD ♥️
SigmaDosDeltaFi ♥️
Fire Dove ♥️

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