sssSSSSSCCCCCRRREEEEEE I’m so happy I finished!

Please Read:

You may only download sketch AFTER you enter. This is only for the colors, not anything else. Please don’t steal my art...

After you are done, give me the link to your drawing in the comments. There will be my comment there, and you can reply, also giving me the link. Please do this and thank you for participating!

Until June the 30th.

First Place: fan (if I have already I’ll give you a heart if available,) I’ll shoutout you and draw your two of your ocs (if you have one.)

Second Place: fan (I’ll give if available, a heart,) a shoutout and your oc.

Third Place: fan (I’ll give if available, a heart,) and a shoutout.

Since I’m nice, I’ll give you lucky three a shoutout. Good job you three!

An oc, if you don’t know, is your original character. I’ll draw it for you if you are in First and Second place.

For this accomplishment, I am doing a profile picture contest with be old/new oc, Flamedash! Enjoy!

I dunno why I made it shareable...WELP NO STEALING MY ART AND I’LL HUNT U. U can download it but no stealing my art! I worked hard on this.

View PNG for the best results.


2nd Entries:

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