You know, I was gonna try and write something really deep as a good opening to this, but I'm going for some natural beauty instead.
700 fans. Ack, that's a lot!!
This is perfect timing for me, because this celebration just adds to the list! My birthday is just a week or two away, and I'm turning 14! WOooo. I'm sure you all think I'm very mature at this point. nO. I'm the same dork from when I turned 12 and first got here. And in a month, it marks my 2 year anniversary on Sketch Club! Again, I'm the same C O T T O N H E A D E D N I N N Y M U G G I N S.

But the thing that did change is obviously my art, as you can see from the previous versions of this in the WIP section (DISGUSTING old art, still go look at it for comparison anyway). I'm so greatful that this many people decided to stick around and support my art and writing! But you have no idea how awkward it is when my mom decides to brag about my fan count to her friends and my long lost uncles.
Thank you so much for everything you guys have done for me, you have no idea how much brighter it has made the past minorly cruddy years of my life! You're so precious to me! Have a fabulous rest of your day, my fans and friends!

AHH, thank you so much for the feature, Sketch Club!! I woke up this morning with a ton of notifications like "crap what did I do this time."
Yay, I made it onto the top 7 days list! 😊

(Do me a favor and check out my DTAs if you're interested, I need more entries! http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/4745006479572992)

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