Okay, so firstly I have grown a huge liking to my WoY OC so I’ve decided to rename her to my real life nick name.

This is the most complex reference sheet I’ve ever made and I spent like 3 hours on this //////// (please don’t feature this though, I already feel bad for getting 2 features so close to each other.

Also don’t be concerned about the cuts on my WoY OC’s arm, I don’t cut personally, the cuts are just part of this character’s back story, (I can’t reveal how and why just yet)

Also her pouch is like Wanders hat, but instead of giving what the holder needs, it gives the holder what they want (idea from a fanfiction I read) and all the items at the top are her essential items\

Also the user on DeviantArt that inspired me to create this OC thinks my WoY OC is cute /////// (*cough*Frigg-Fluff*cough*)

Um so here’s a reference sheet for my WoY OC.

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