A huge thank you to bon viesta for using his star on this! Words cannot explain how grateful I am right now. óuò

Some things needed to be altered/changed in order for it to fit in with my art style. I’m very sorry if your character looks different.

This includes:
Diamond - DTheMightyGecko
Kyle - Shellrito
Krista - s🅱️ιттℓεs
Phoenix - The Phoenix
Tapi - 🌟TapiOfArt🌟
Rei - Alluring Arisa 😉
Glitz - ✨~Glitz~✨
Amber - MedusaDraws
Bon - bon viesta
Tru - TruMoo
Red - KirbyCreations
Ellyn - ToadleyWaiting
Clairen - Raspberry
Puddle - Puddle
Noah - 작은 Eevee
Sav - 🏳️‍🌈Sav Arts🏳️‍🌈
Julia - SeaSalt

Thank you to the people who came to my streams to watch me struggle through making this! Also, an enormous thank you for 400 fans again.

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