This is one of two entries in the “Grab a Partner” challenge for the Partner Group on which Cat and I collaborated. We decided to make two pieces so that each of us would have something to upload. When we began this project, we didn’t discuss where we wanted to go with it. I just did the tree and sent it to Cat, fully secure that whatever she decided to add, it would be wonderful and I would go from there. That’s one of the appealing aspects of this kind of artwork, to me, just going with it and seeing where we end up. I didn’t think of the “Peter Pan” resemblance until Cat’s final addition of the fairy. This was an immensely enjoyable exercise, and I can’t express adequately my admiration of Cat’s talent and creativity. Thank’s Cat, for working on this with me. It was so much fun and an honor.

Thank you MaggyC for your kind generosity and wonderful community spirit❤️ Cat and I are truly grateful for the feature 😊

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Challenge: Free Draw Friday!!

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