🎨🌹🌿 Lead off sketch for the “Animals Eating” challenge in the Animals Group. Not eligible to receive votes in the challenge.

🌹🌿Reference photo provided by Dandy and Rascal’s owner Sarah.
I Asked Sarah about who was in the photo. She said,
“This is my friend Darla - she does most of the farm work here - the horse to the left is Dandy. He is also a curly and is Rascal’s father. He is 33 years old and still going strong. He is a wise old man. And, of course, that big, beautiful butt right in front belongs to Rascal. 😂
🌹🌿⭐️💕 Thank you so much HawiianMisty(Pam for featuring this sketch!

🌹🌿Thank you friends for your comments and hearts! I read and value each one of them!

❤️Anneke W.
❤️Tim S.
❤️👼🏻ngel NZ

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