Ref : Sktchy of the beautiful Miss Kitty City

Been stalking your reference photos on Sktchy for a long time now. Tried drawing several. This one seemed to come together so here you go.

I hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy weekend. Here we will be celebrating Memorial Day. Thank you veterans for your service. Some gave all, all gave some. 🇺🇸

⭐️ Sheila So thankful for the feature. Such an honor. ⭐️

☀️ P&AToo™
☀️ Mark
☀️ Shirlart
☀️ Twinee1
☀️ SigmaDosDeltaFi
☀️ Sheila
☀️ Ruscifi
☀️ .::🤡T1N0🤡::.
☀️ Ihmyours
☀️ Dawn
☀️ LindaAD
☀️ Duke
☀️ Kelly M
☀️ Paco

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Challenge: Free Draw Friday!

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