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🌳 “I’m going to do it!” Grim rejoiced to no one in particular. In fact, he had no idea that someone was watching him. “Hey champ,” a smooth, accented voice called to him from above. Grim’s stomach dropped at the call and he realized who it was...it was Talon. Grim turned his head to see the white and blue griffin relaxing in the tree overhead. He felt his cheeks and ears burning from embarrassment at to what Talon could’ve heard him mumbling just minutes ago.

The nimble white griffin slinked out of the tree and into the long grass next to Grim. Talon sat next to him and looked at him happily. Grim mumbled a hello but he was very flustered to have Talon this close to him. “What are you going to do?” Talon asked him. “Oh...uh...nothing,” Grim stuttered. He thought about the conversation he was having with himself and how he was deciding whether to go to Talon’s house or not. He didn’t know why it was such a hard decision since Talon was one of his very good friends.

Talon nudged Grim’s side playfully and chided “You know you can be yourself around me right?” Grim swallowed and nodded back. “Yeah...o-of course!” he responded. Why was he always so awkward around Talon?

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