And at this moment, I realized I suck at drawing humans

Name: Valentine Albert Lincoln
Nickname: Val
Sex: male
Sexuality: bisexual
Age: 18
Species: turned-vampire
Job: monster hunter
Siblings: Cheshire owned by Anonymous
Likes: sleeping, cold, rain, fixing things, writing
Dislikes: mornings, heat, humidity, children
Personality: sarcastic, pessimistic, stubborn, smart
Quirks: develops crushes easily, super flirty around crushes and people he’s comfortable with
History: he and his brother grew up very close, constantly on the road with their parents hunting down monsters. At the age of 13 he and his brother were turned to vampires on a hunt gone wrong. The vampire force fed them human blood, not only making it too late to give them a cure (that requires no human blood to have been drunk) but also giving them a taste of human blood, meaning they wouldn’t be able to substitute it without major consequenses. Coming up with a plan, he and his brother stole donated blood from blood banks with the help of their parents, and lived off of it. Occasionally their parents would also give them blood if they needed to. Their parents died when valentine and Cheshire were 16 (valentine) and 17 (Cheshire) leaving them alone. They continued hunting monsters and living off of donated blood.

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