For the Compo.
Original drawing, no references.
I always used to draw grim reapers when I was younger so i thought it would be a good idea for the compo.

I hope people didn’t find this too creepy...I did wonder if this was, but I think it suits the definition well.

🏆 Wow! thank you so much to all who voted for my sketch in The Creepy Compo! So many fantastic entries. Thank you for your kind congratulations too, they all mean a lot. 🏆

Thank you ever so much for your amazing comments and precious 🖤’s

MaggyC 🖤
Ruscifi 🖤
SigmaDosDeltaFi 🖤
P&AToo™ 🖤
Edgeways 🖤
Doobles💀 🖤
Mary Ruth 🖤
wind dancer 🖤
Georgia Lee 🖤

I appreciate them all very much. 🖤

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Created with an iPad Pro
Uploaded 2018-05-25 22:55:37.997820
Tagged dark, horror, ipad
7th place in Creepy
Challenge: Free Draw Friday!

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