Iโ€™m feeling AMAZING!
This weekend was one of the most fun, and the most fantastic!

My mom saw my bio/ Profile, and she was super proud of me, and she now thinks Iโ€™m a grown up, not a kid.
She thinks that Iโ€™m very cool, more than she expected. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Š

We went to the movies two days in a row.
Ocean 8, and The Book Club!
They are super good.

I also purchased this POP, by FUNKO that is based from the IT movie!
It has Pennywise is in the gutter, and George trying to catch the boat.

The figure is an exclusive from Hot Topic!!!

My life is ten times brighter!

I also got a Deadpool shirt!

Thank you mommy! I love you!

Thank you for the
DC ร@ฮทั—โ„ฏโ„“ ยขโ—Žฮทโ˜‚า‘ฮฑโ„˜ั‚ั—โ˜บ
Fire Dove

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