Let it be known that I love everything pictured here, background included.

If men like this still existed, Lord, would I be a happy lass.
If there's still lads of this caliber around, and I come to meet one, I will (and don't call my bluff on this) get a fake ID for myself (and possibly him as well) and then lie about my age so we can get ourselves a marriage license.
Okay, maybe I won't do that much, I don't wanna get in trouble (or lie about my age, for that matter) but for Pete's sake (hah! That's coincidental considering who Horace is supposed to look like) I want my imaginary boyfriend to be real so I can live a happy life being married to a cute mod guy with a nice mop I can run my fingers through and...you know, nice clothes! Nobody wears nice clothes anymore... But mostly I want the haircut on him. My mom says you can convince boyfriends to get different haircuts if you seduce them into it and I doubt that would be too hard. I ain't pretty, but I'm good at persuasion!
Gosh, isn't my Horace a cutie? I think he is. I did fictionally marry the guy, after all.
By the way, yes, that is the guitar from my old custom guitar venture on here...it's his pride and joy. It suits him. I mean, I always see people cite SGs as Pete's most well known guitar (dunno why, I always associate the modded Les Paul Deluxes and the Rose Morris Rickenbackers with him far more) and...you know...he's quite the "patriot". Gee, what wouldn't the Union Jack look good on?

Sorry for writing so much, but my APs are finally over and I'm giddy!

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